Devops Lead

Job description

About the role:


Job Responsibilities:


  • Work directly with the DevOps team and Senior DevOps manager to test system integrity
  • Design and implement build, deployment, and configuration management
  • Test implemented designs
  • Build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning
  • Handle code deployments in all environments
  • Monitor metrics and develop ways to improve
  • Provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations
  • Brainstorm for new ideas and ways to improvement development delivery
  • Consult with peers for feedback during testing stages
  • Build, maintain, and monitor configuration standards
  • Maintain day-to-day management and administration of projects
  • Manage CI and CD tools with team
  • Document and design various processes; update existing processes
  • Improve infrastructure development and application development
  • Follow all best practices and procedures as established by company


Requirement & qualification:


  • High school degree or equivalent; bachelor’s degree in CS, engineering, software engineering, or related field
  • 7+ years of experience in infrastructure development, or development and operations
  • Capability to make sure Infrastructure is up and running 24x7
  • Extensive experience in AWS and managing different AWS Services like IAM, EMR, Kinesis, Dynamo, Redshift, Lambda, ECS, Networking
  • Experience working with Docker and Kubernetes. Aware of Docker Internals, Networking
  • Previous experience with deployment of Microservices Architecture
  • Understanding of zero downtime deployment,
  • Worked in Continuous integration environment
  • Has a knack for automating everything by integrating different systems using their APIs
  • Experience with Linux infrastructures, database SQL (MS SQL), CI/CD tools, scripting such as  Python, Perl, Ruby
  • Experience in Tools Like Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Salt
  • Experience in Atlasssian Tools like Jira/Confluence
  • Excellent command over github/bitbucket
  • Up-to-date on latest industry trends; able to articulate trends and potential clearly and confidently
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication with all levels of management
  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently