Automation Tester

Job description


A rickety Ambassador or a shining new Porsche, a JK or a TN registration plate, an accidental car or one which wouldn’t start, none of it matters because we buy any car at the best price. We have a simple solution to the most complex problem that a car owner faces - selling his/ her car - and our solution is deeply rooted in technology which is why it works.

Execution is our game and we are killing it! At present, we trade a couple thousand cars every month, making us by far the most significant and largest player in the used car industry. Guess what? We are the fastest growing young business out of India in the last one and a half year - all of it while still being in stealth mode! With 58 branches across 12 major cities in India, we are scaling up rapidly and are on the road to profitability. If you want to work with a business that has the potential to be one of the largest tech companies to emerge out of India, talk to us. We are looking for talented individuals who are excited about working long term, in building a valuable business. We want folks who value building things from the ground up.


About the team


Our captains are Vikram Chopra (Wharton, IIT Bombay, Sequoia Capital, McKinsey) and Mehul Agrawal (BCG, IIM Calcutta, Forbes 2016 Asia 30-under-30, Forbes 2015 India 30-under-30). Both of them had earlier founded The rest of our team are driven, passionate individuals who possess excellent credentials, and have come together at to do the most phenomenal work of their lives.

As folks at say,


“No one wants to tell their grandchildren that they missed out on this one."


FAQs (to get you started):


How are you different from OLX, CarDekho and others?

We are nothing like classifieds. The fact that classifieds don’t work is the reason why we exist. Think about your experience or your friend’s/ relative’s experience of selling a car. Was it painful? If the answer is yes, is here to change that. We are a C2B business that buys cars directly from customers and offers the best price through a live online auction. So far we have auctioned 1.5 lakh cars. With 85% of the used car market still being unorganized and we being the only organized. player, we are going for the big kill!


Do you have a US/ China equivalent?

Honestly, we don’t know! We understand the problem of used cars in India and we have a solution that works. It is proving itself day in and day out and we are seeing crazy success. If innovation excites you without caring about precedents, talk to us.


How about funding?  

The truth is that unlike most startups, we are already making enough money to cover our costs easily. So, we don’t think we will need hundreds of millions, as we have a very viable business model that is scaling fast. However, some of the strongest VCs are our investors, because we are out there to win and we have a formidable strategy in every aspect.


Why is the business in stealth mode?

It gives us the focus to solve problems. It is important to preserve the special business that we are building.

About the role:


Job Responsibilities:


  • Work with the team to understand existing SaaS products
  • List down the test cases and help in test driven development
  • Designing Automation Framework and Implementing Automation Framework for SaaS products
  • Web Services and API testing using SOAP UI or similar tools
  • Automate performance testing
  • Ensure quality of new developed software before release
  • Guide team members on Automation. Working collaboratively and closely with developers, designers, product managers and users





Requirement & qualification:


      experience in automation testing of Software products and mobile applications

  • Skills for Success:
  • Automation Testing
  • Manual Testing
  • Ability to design test cases/test plans/
  • Knowledge of api automation testing with HttpClient/RestAssured will be added advantage
  • Knowledge of BDD with cucumber will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge of CI tool Jenkins and Git
  • Excellent Verbal and written communication
  • Team player
  • Selenium/Appium and other mobile automation frameworks
  • Capability to test user interaction with app along
  • Experience in Push notification testing
  • JIRA / Confluence / Git
  • Proficiency in Python/Java/Groovy
  • SQL
  • JMeter (standalone and clustered mode)



  • B.E. / B.Tech. / MCA from a reputed institute

Certifications in Software Testing / Quality Assurance / Automation