Android Developer

Job description

Senior Software Engineer (Android Developer)

Cars24 is looking for talented Android engineers to join its Core Platform team. You will have the opportunity to create significant impact on our systems, our business and most importantly, on our customers as we take on challenges that can reshape the used car industry.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Building scalable, highly available, resilient, extendable, secured architecture to provide a significant boost to the business
  • Writing high quality code to achieve business goals.
  • Working with various cross-functional teams to understand their needs, offering them solutions and setting and managing their expectations
  • Ensuring timely & high quality delivery
  • Following up best practices for development and championing their adoption as per company defined standards
  • Developing with scale and speed amidst flux, there is just a LOT happening


Ideal candidate profile:

  • 2-4 years of relevant industry experience
  • An engineering degree in CS/EE from a reputed institution
  • Understand backend architecture
  • Strong foundation in Data Structures/ Algorithms and their pros and cons
  • Deep understanding of technologies and architecture for a scalable and highly available set-up
  • Have the capability to understand existing architecture of application and refactor it to follow best practices
  • Should have Experienced with ORMs and Database Base Handling
  • Experience with Restful APIs using volley & GSON.
  • Experience with Git & Android Studio.
  • Experience with Custom Views.
  • The most recommendation should have experiences of Newrelic, Google Analytics, Game design & development.
  • Experience working with SQL
  • Experienced in developing the long-term tech strategy into an achievable roadmap
  • Up-to-date with emerging technology trends and ability to choose the best
  • Strong in open source technologies, agile development
  • Ability to deliver projects on time with high quality